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Allie McDonald is an unassuming singer, songwriter, pianist, and lyricist extraordinaire. Using her unique and recognizable voice, as well as the magnificence of the piano she frequents, she’s released two albums: “Take Me Anywhere” (2010) and more recently, “Addicted” (2016). Her haunting sound and surprisingly powerful and dynamic voice can give chills to even the most detached listeners.

Allie has spent her life striving to write songs that evoke the same kind of emotions out of her listeners to showcase what she feels when she’s writing them – whether good, bad, or ugly. She is incredibly passionate in all that she does, and wants to spend the rest of her life learning  more instruments, and continuing to write the often heart-breaking music she loves.

Although she originally hails from northern Alberta, Allie McDonald now lives in Richmond, BC, and has been the Social Media Marketer Volunteer for the Richmond Arts Coalition for over 3 years now. You see those posts on facebook and twitter? She’s the one posting them!


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Our Mission

To promote, support and advocate for the Arts in all their various forms within Richmond, BC.

Our Vision

RAC Vision:

Richmond is recognized as a creative community. This means:

  1. The City is an Arts destination with a vibrant Arts scene which values and appreciates all forms of the Arts.
  2. The community is engaged in activity which includes:
    1. A variety of Arts-related objects, performances and experiences available to the public
    2. Arts gathering spaces
    3. Meaningful connection between culture, heritage and the Arts
    4. The Arts are used to explore cultural connectivity
    5. A friendly and welcoming community including daytime and night-time vibrance
    6.  A wide variety of Arts-related programs and events
    7. Sustainable and stable Arts organizations
    8. Arts-focused hubs (The Arts District in the City Centre Official Community Plan and Steveston)
  3.  The livability of the community encourages artists to live and work in Richmond.

Our Sponsors

    • Gateway Theatre
    • Richmond News
    • Innovation Networks
    • City of Richmond
    • Government of Canada (Department of Canadian Heritage)

Our Partners

    • City of Richmond
    • Gateway Theatre
    • Richmond Orchestra & Chorus
    • BC Children’s Art and Literacy Centre Society
    • Richmond Chamber of Commerce
    • Tourism Richmond