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Like many photographers, Sabrina began armed with nothing more substantial than a point-and- shoot compact camera. Encouraged by her father’s desire for her to pursue photography, she has worked to hone her photographic skills and develop her visual voice. She studied under Canadian photographer/writer Freeman Patterson, Magnum’s Larry Towell, and National Geographic’s William Albert Allard and she has had a long apprenticeship with Pacific Northwest photographer Raymond L. Ketcham. As part of the editorial team at Rear Curtain magazine, she provides a venue for emerging visual storytellers to share their work online and in print. As co-founder of ART (the Artist Round Table) and IDEA (Image Discussions for Emerging Artists), Sabrina has created a community to support the development and mentoring of photographic artists in Canada, the US and as far away as Australia. These artists have gone on to exhibit and publish their work to a growing audience. Rarely seen in front of the camera, Sabrina also leads a secret life as a Human Resources Professional and is currently working on a long-term project documenting changing life in the Village of Steveston, Richmond.



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Our Mission

To promote, support and advocate for the Arts in all their various forms within Richmond, BC.

Our Vision

RAC Vision:

Richmond is recognized as a creative community. This means:

  1. The City is an Arts destination with a vibrant Arts scene which values and appreciates all forms of the Arts.
  2. The community is engaged in activity which includes:
    1. A variety of Arts-related objects, performances and experiences available to the public
    2. Arts gathering spaces
    3. Meaningful connection between culture, heritage and the Arts
    4. The Arts are used to explore cultural connectivity
    5. A friendly and welcoming community including daytime and night-time vibrance
    6.  A wide variety of Arts-related programs and events
    7. Sustainable and stable Arts organizations
    8. Arts-focused hubs (The Arts District in the City Centre Official Community Plan and Steveston)
  3.  The livability of the community encourages artists to live and work in Richmond.

Our Sponsors

    • Gateway Theatre
    • Richmond News
    • Innovation Networks
    • City of Richmond
    • Government of Canada (Department of Canadian Heritage)

Our Partners

    • City of Richmond
    • Gateway Theatre
    • Richmond Orchestra & Chorus
    • BC Children’s Art and Literacy Centre Society
    • Richmond Chamber of Commerce
    • Tourism Richmond