2011 Municipal Elections

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Survey Results:

RAC has developed a survey for school trustees and municipal candidates.

School Trustee Candidate Responses

Mayor Candidate Responses

City Council Candidate Responses

The Richmond Arts Coalition (RAC) represents artists, arts & cultural organizations and arts patrons in Richmond. The Coalition recently surveyed all 29 candidates for the 2011 municipal general and school elections to gain a profile on current issues that matter to the arts and culture community.

The common thread with most respondents is the need for community partnerships and collaboration, and finding innovative ways to advance the arts and culture for the overall benefit of the City of Richmond.

Both mayoral candidates responded, each recognizing a mutual benefit to partnering with community arts organizations and the need for sustained growth, funding and facilities in the arts and culture sector.

Responses were received from 12 of 17 candidates for Council. The partnership theme continued, suggesting a proactive engagement and collaboration with stakeholder groups, including exploring partnerships with the private sector, might be a solution to sustainability and growth. Funding is a key issue, with discussions about funding levels for the new arts and culture grant program, as well as the need for new facilities including live-work spaces for artists. Several respondents suggested partnerships with developers in addition to federal and provincial support should be looked at with regards to the need for arts and culture facilities.

School Trustee candidates also addressed the value and importance of community partnerships and collaboration to deliver arts education to students. Among the seven out of a possible 10 respondents, the challenge to restore artistic and creative time to schools seemed difficult to answer. Some candidates suggested leveraging opportunities with City partners and facilities to further enhance artistic education, including Continuing Education, may be an option. It was suggested that long term strategic plans should include consultations with community arts groups.

To view all candidate responses in their entirety, download the documents above.

Since the last election, the City has made some significant changes to the delivery of arts and culture services, and recently introduced a long-awaited separate grant program for arts and culture. The Richmond Arts Coalition will continue its efforts to advocate on behalf of all artists and arts and culture groups in an effort to make Richmond an appealing and artistically rich City for everyone.