Fran Alexander

An impulse to create ignites a passion deep within Vancouver-based artist, Fran Alexander. After obtaining a degree in art education at the University of British Columbia, she has traveled widely, teaching art in Toronto, and in Luxembourg, and had the rare opportunity to teach in the Northwest Territories. Through painting, she has reinvigorated her inner muse. Fran’s paints realism and abstraction in oils, and acrylics.

She is an Associate Signature member of The Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver. You will find her painting at the Portside Studios.


jian-jun-an-photo-smallJian Jun An

Jian Jun An was born in 1966 and graduated with arts degree from ShanDong University of Art & Design in 1988. At that time, he was taught by traditional-Chinese-painting professor Ding Zhang, oil-painting Professor Guo Li Zhang, and China-POP professor Xu Chai. His preceptorship under these professors gave him a firm foundation of art study. Since graduation, he has been engaged in painting and design for more than twenty years. His works often depict life and society. Some of his works have been collected by friends and organizations.

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Jian Jun An immigrated to Canada in 2005. In 2006, he set up The New Primary Colours Art Studio. He continues to use oil paint and work on interior design, but his focus is on teaching; he has trained many students admitted to the top of art & design universities in North America. He is a member of the White Rock Art Council, the Delta Art Council, the Chinese Canadin Artists Federation, and the FCA. Jian Jun has been a part of solo and group exhibitions in White Rock, Richmond, and Delta, including one work, ‘Morning’, winning an Honourable Mention at the Art Spacific show put on by the Delta Art Council. He has also been a part of a ‘work on paper’ group show with the FCA (2012), was a contracted painter for the New York Agora Art Gallery (2013), participating in Agora Gallery’s ‘The Essence of Abstraction’ exhibition (2014) and ‘Fragmented Reality’ exhibition (2015), was a part of the OPEN ART CODE exhibition in Grand Palais, Paris (2014), participated in OpenArtCode at Palazzo Franchetti Venezia (2016), and his work ‘Come back home’ won 3rd Place at FCA’s 2016 Culture Show.


_DSC2850 croppedDerek Applegarth

I was a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics and director of a diagnostic lab at Children’s hospital from 1966 to 2003. Since retirement I have been able to focus ( not a pun ) on my love for photography. I belong to the Richmond Photo Club and have served as President. I am interested in exploring the interfaces between photography and painting. A camera is based on a small, but very complex and specialized, computer. . The result is a wonder of technology that I enjoy trying to transform into something more personal. Anyone wishing to do so can see my, not always successful, images on my website at My wife, Jenny Toone and I live in Steveston and on Pender Island. I exhibit and sell a few photographs on Pender Island that, hopefully, provide memories of what visitors saw. I hope that the gallery called “Pender Island revisited” and other galleries, particularly, “Painting with a camera”, on my website, illustrate, what I try to do.

Wendy Arthur Waterfall

Wendy Arthur photoWendy Arthur

Wendy has over thirty years of experience as an artist. Her career began in textiles, creating architectural scale weavings, silk paintings and fabric sculptures. These forms of expression transformed into painting on canvas. Initially she painted stripes similar to the threads of her loom. Later on the more fluid shapes of silk painting and the playfulness of fabric sculpture were included. Previous textile experience and the landscape she lives in directly influences her painting style of today. Her lively intuitive work is part of private and corporate collections.

Joel Baziuk - RAC feature-4 - small

Joel Baziuk

Joel Baziuk is a local photographer who has lived and worked along the Richmond waterfront for 20 years. Joel began taking photographs in 2008 and is entirely self-taught. Since starting his photography business, Elysium Photography, in 2010, he has tried to give back to his local community however he can, having donated prints in various mediums (including infused aluminum, acrylic and birch wood) to Richmond fundraisers Wigs for Kids, Cops for Cancer and Westwind Elementary School. He has also been a volunteer photographer on several occasions for the City of Richmond, including the opening of the Seine Net Loft at the Britannia Shipyards National Historic site in 2014, and Doors Open in 2015. Joel’s work has been featured at the 2014 Richmond Maritime Festival, in 2015’s “Littoral Light and Colour” at the Thompson Community Centre, and Pecha Kucha Vol. 13 at the Richmond Nature Park, and one of Joel’s photographs was painted by Victoria Oginski as part of her mural on the public washroom building in Steveston. Joel’s work has also been featured in 2015 at the Abbotsford Art Gallery, the Vancouver Culture Crawl, and the White Rock Artists Walk. Recent clients of Joel’s include Art Image Ltd., FS Financial Group, Automation Plus, Make Vancouver and Vision Helicopters Ltd. Joel is a former Vice Chair of the Richmond Arts Coalition and currently sits as the Co-Chair of the City of Richmond’s Advisory Committee on the Environment.,

833 Brunch at Cannery Cafe

John Beatty

John Beatty is an active Richmond artist who paints colourful, bold, and earthy pieces mainly in acrylic and often in plein air. His varied subject matter focuses on mood, atmosphere, and contrast with light. His style can be described as representational, with areas of impressionism and abstraction.


christine-bland-photo-smallChristine Bland

Christine Bland is a German-born textile artist who immigrated to Canada in 1982. She trained in haute couture dressmaking in Duesseldorf, Germany, graduated from Helen Lefeaux School of Fashion Design in Vancouver, and then went on to work for several local designers including Yumi Eto and Dorothy Grant.
While busy raising and instilling the joy of making in her two children (one who studied luthiery abroad, and one who became an industrial designer), she began creating custom Irish Dance costumes first for her daughter, then for other Irish dancers competing at international and world championship events. For over 15 years Christine designed and crafted elaborate one-of-a-kind dance dresses, each taking between 70 and 200 hours to complete.
While she still makes the occasional dance costume, Christine’s more recent projects have led her to experiment with two- and three- dimensional textile-based art pieces, which marry the strength and beauty of natural fibers with the groundedness of locally sourced wood. Some of these works were recently shown in juried exhibits at the Richmond Art Gallery (ArtRich 2015) and at the Moat Gallery in Vancouver (Piece of Mind 2016). Christine also enjoys working with reclaimed and repurposed materials, most recently creating garments and other items from used men’s silk ties. Christine currently resides in Steveston with her husband.


João Canhoto

João was born and raised in Kitchener, Ontario. He graduated from St. Jerome’s College at the University of Waterloo. He spent several years as the creative director for JM Drama at the Registry Theatre. Not only did he get a chance to practice and develop his own skills as a writer, he created a play festival where other aspiring writers could workshop their plays.

João’s favourite moment with JM Drama was directing Snoopy! The Musical as a homage to his hero and idol, Charles Monroe Schultz. Radio Daze at the Gateway Theatre will be João’s first professional production. João has lived in Toronto and Montreal, but now calls beautiful Richmond, British Columbia home.

Vincent Chorabik

Vincent Chorabik is a published poet and artist. He explores the gap between poverty and wealth, innocence and experience, and other binaries we use to segregate people. He hopes to bridge those binaries and develop a deeper understanding of the human condition. As a conceptual artist, he uses a variety of mediums, such as painting, sculpture, text, and performance in communicating ideas. He seeks source material outside himself as a means of connecting to other humans through objects. Dada Art, Conceptualism, social media, and various reading materials found in thrift stores inspire him. Many of his pieces speak against oppressive forces in society and work towards building a more positive future for each individual. His primary focus is on identity and growth. He believes, that through individual growth, the collective will strengthen, in a sort of controlled evolution. Vincent’s work can be viewed online at:


Carol Day photo 640Carol Day

It is an honor to be a City Councillor after being a community activist for over 20 years, Supporting the arts in Richmond is very important to me because I come from a family of artists. My artistic interests are stained glass, woodworking and mixed media projects. It is my passion to help the Arts Coalition to find ways to support community artists and encourage them as much as possible to be the best that they can be.

Diili, Naim, Aspen #2, Acrylic on canvas, 16x12, $340.00 Unframed

Naim DilliNaim Dilli

Born and raised in Kosovo, Naim Dilli fell in love with Canada while studying Civil Engineering (1976 to1981) at the Technical University of Nova Scotia in Halifax. One summer he traveled Canada’s breadth by train from the red soil of Prince Edward Island to the coastal rain forests of British Columbia. Following graduation with a Bachelor of Engineering degree, Naim worked as an engineer in Middle East countries until 1990. He then returned as an immigrant to Canada, choosing to live in Vancouver where he established a small commercial painting business in the lower mainland. Since childhood, fine art has always been of interest to Naim. Originally attracted to drawing with charcoal and painting in watercolour, he took all the art courses he could until he finished high school in Europe. After moving to Canada and being inspired by the country’s breathtaking vistas, it was natural that he should take up painting once again. When his business activities slow during the winter months, Naim has more time to study art history and fine art documentaries. He now looks forward to attending demonstrations, participating in more workshops and taking additional courses.
Naim’s favourite medium was oil, but for health reasons the artist now paints mainly with acrylic. He is currently working on two series of large works on canvas: the first emphasizing light and shadow of the delicate Aspen Forest, while the other plays with the pastel morning light of the rugged and majestic Rocky Mountains landscape.
Primarily a studio painter, Naim is an impressionist of landscape and figurative subjects. He renders his own photographs in creating his colourful work with hope, inspiration and freedom of expression, interpreting the world “as I’d like it to be.”


Margot Dsouza photoMargot Dsouza

Born and raised in Denmark, Margot came to Canada in 1968 upon her completion of a college education in Commerce and Languages. After a short stint in Montreal she settled first in Vancouver, then in Richmond, particularly Steveston, where she still resides. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Adult Education and a Master’s degree in Education with a specialization in Educational Technology.

As a child and teenager, she was surrounded by music, art and a beautiful nature all of which greatly influenced her life style and passions. Although she has not received any formal art training, she has taken numerous courses and workshops over the years. BK (before kids) Margot attended classes in Chinese Brush painting and oil painting. The art was put on a shelf while raising her two children and working full time. The passion for drawing, painting and photography came into full force upon retirement. It was now time to play!

She credits the various instructors at Emily Carr and Phoenix Art Workshop for providing instruction, inspiration, guidance and the all important constructive feedback!

Her preferred medium is oil. An avid world traveller since her teens, these experiences, along with her love of nature, provide constant inspirations.

She is an active member of the Richmond Artists Guild and Richmond Arts Coalition.

Dennis Falcon

Dennis Falcon is a pioneer of Richmond BC; His parents moved to Saunders Road in Richmond in 1944, from Vancouver when he was age one.
Dennis received letter award in art and graduated from Steveston high in 1962. He played accordion and went on to higher education. During his working years designing bulk handling systems, Dennis studied painting as a member of the Vancouver Federation of Artists, and was a student of Fred Scheaffer, a Dutch artist and one time president of the FCA.
In 1979 Dennis and Corrine partnered to manufacture plus size sewing patterns, later sold online. In 2008 Dennis retired to playing and teaching piano part time, to painting acrylics, and to helping his son with his certified organic blueberry farm ( Today, Dennis can be found playing piano around the Greater Vancouver area, including Richmond, and is involved with art activities.
His works show that here is unlimited originality in plein air painting, and in making up an arrangement of still life and painting it.
To contact Dennis Falcon:

Out of the Mist

Kathleen Gallagher

Kathleen is a visual artist born in British Columbia who resides in Steveston, BC. In her youth she travelled extensively throughout Northern Canada, exploring the ever varying landscapes with a pencil and sketchbook in hand. In 1982, she moved to Grande Prairie Alberta to attend a Visual Fine Arts program at the regional college. Eventually, she returned to British Columbia, and after raising a family and following other career pursuits, she started pursuing her art career again in 2009. Kathleen mainly paints in oils, but she also enjoys watercolours and inks.

Kathleen creates abstract landscapes that are expressive and textural. Kathleen says that she is not trying to recreate a landscape she has seen; she is recreating her outdoor experiences. Her work is not just about what she saw, it is also about what she felt. Kathleen’s paintings represent her profound emotional connection to nature and her desire to see it preserved.

 Indian 1

Jean Garnett

Jean Garnett is a paper collage artist in Steveston, BC. Her collages are varied – most recently series of multicultural heads entitled We Are Woman. See more at

Marcelle Glock

My ceramic discipline is predominantly in wood fire stoneware, and I experiment with a variety of clays and methods including raku and local terra-cotta. Clay has been my primary medium for skilled craft and visual communication since childhood. Born in Alberta and raised in BC, I graduated from Richmond Sr. Secondary 1993. The art community in Richmond was closely engaged with youths and had a role in the foundation of my path in art. I studied Fine Arts at Malaspina University before apprenticing to wood fire potter and kiln builder, Graham Sheehan of Gabriola, where I learned traditional and modern methods in all phases of ceramic production. Today my wood kiln and studio, known as Mad Mudslinger, operate on remote Thwii’kum (Mudge Island) near Ladysmith BC. The objects I make range from one-of-a-kind functional domestic ware to larger sculptural urns and expressive pieces. Themes are often primitive or archetypal, referring to the ancestral past and mysterious future. Manipulated ceramic material has been part the human experience from prehistoric times, as it continues into the space-age and beyond. These integral earthly threads inspire me to the privilege of taking part in the cycle of artifacts.


suzanne-haines-photoSuzanne Haines

Suzanne was the General Manager of the Gateway Theatre in Richmond, BC. She has an honours degree in business administration with a major in theatre from Wilfrid Laurier University. Suzanne was awarded the 2010 Ethel Tibbits Arts award for women of distinction and a Celebrating Women community award, Arts category in 2008. Suzanne is co-founder and past chair of the Richmond Arts Coalition. As an active member of the community, Suzanne sat on the ActSafe Performing Arts committee from 2005-2009, the Business and the Arts committee of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and the Tourism Richmond marketing committees from 2008-2010, and is a current member of the Rotary Club of Richmond. Suzanne was instrumental in bringing eyeGO to British Columbia and was on the steering committee for the 2006 study – ADDING IT UP: The Status of Women in Canadian Theatre. She has been active with the Professional Association for Canadian Theatres (PACT) as a past Board member, chair of the diversity committee for four years, and member of the governance, finance, membership, and professional development committees. Suzanne is a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) candidate.

Jennifer Heine

A mixed-media artist working in Richmond, BC, Jennifer is motivated by the practice of being alert to fleeting moments of grace and the challenge of giving them solid form. She has been working in the field of fine and applied arts for over 20 years and her artwork is collected internationally. Raised in a family of professional artists in Victoria, her creative capital has been refined by studies in art history, fine art and design at the University of Victoria, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Her award- winning work reveals a devotion to the character of light and how it describes areas of extraordinary beauty in unexpected ways. Jennifer thrives on continual exploration of the physical and intellectual creative process, and the opportunity to share her experience through painting, photography, teaching, workshops and active support of the Arts in the community.

 He loves me he loves me not

Jeanette Jarville

Jeanette Jarville is a contemporary international artist working full time from her studio located in Richmond BC Canada. She graduated from Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design majoring in Studio, in 1996. Jeanette was awarded four scholarships while there and received a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art. She also took the opportunity to study sculpture and art history in Berlin, Germany, spending one year in Europe.

Jeanette’s signature style and medium is painting in reverse, acrylic on acrylic panels. A process beginning with the artists signature, painted backwards, and all highlights and closest images painted first. She finds this challenging for once a brushstroke is made it cannot be painted over. She also paints in oils and acrylics on canvas and has many of her paintings available in limited edition fine art prints.

Bold and colorful compositions with “lots of drama” is what Jeanette like’s most about her work. Jeanette’s art can be found in private and corporate collections in Canada, USA, England and Germany. She has shown throughout the years in many exhibitions locally and internationally, has been published in magazines, newspapers and art guides and has received awards and acclamation for her work.


!cid_image001_jpg@01D0F6B2Glenda Johnson

Hi, I’m Glenda Johnson. I worked for BC Tel/Telus for just shy of 42 years before I took early retirement in October, 1999. I have two Daughters, who along with their Husbands, have produced six Grandchildren. I sang in the BC Tel Choir for 32 years; now I am singing with the Richmond Orchestra and Chorus, The Richmond Singers, The Richmond Singers Ensemble and my Church choir.
The Richmond Singers Ensemble is a small group made up of present or retired ladies of the main choir. We perform in venues which are not suitable for the larger choir such as retirement homes, adult care centers and other community events. We average more than 30 performances a year. For the past 28 years I have been a Front of House Volunteer at the Gateway Theatre.


Simon Johnston photo Simon Johnston

Simon’s novel “House of Wives” will be published in May 2016 (Penguin Random House) and his short stories will appear in Ricepaper magazine’s fall 2015 issue. His short fiction “A Good Morning” won White Rock Library’s Writing Contest in 2015 and will receive a library publication.

Simon was born and raised in Hong Kong and educated in Canada at McMaster University ‘72. He did post graduate theatre studies in New York, returning to Canada to work as an artistic director, director and playwright. In 2011 he was awarded Richmond’s Cultural Leadership Award.

Recently retired from the Gateway Theatre where he is Artistic Director Emeritus, he now lives in South Surrey, B.C. with his wife Sheila and their sybaritic cat Dash. 

Cathy Kluthe 2

Cathy Kluthe photoCathy Kluthe

Beauty, discipline, & passion are my art. I portray and encapsulate what I deem beautiful, often juxtaposed with a surrealistic world. My inspiration comes from people and nature documented in vintage photographs. Images manifest in my mind until a clear message informs my work.

I am moved to explore historical subjects; as I browse through my family albums I see beauty in the photographs. The different way subjects are posed, shadows stretching out to create interesting shapes; all aspects of the photo tell a story. That person was there many years ago and what were they thinking?? What was happening? Where did they go afterwards? These are my family members; the images conjure many childhood memories when I observe these people. The images are all very dear to me, a very personal statement about my family history.

My style is graphic realism with a surrealistic twist. I enjoy working in large flat shapes, and to me these images need to be seen in a bold presentation. My reference material is usually black and white which forces me to play with various colours and tones to best portray my concept. The red lines create a vibrant accent which forces the shapes into the foreground. When the bits and pieces begin to gel, I know the piece is done.


amylee2Amy Lee

Amy lives in Vancouver, BC. She is largely self-taught and has an innate artistic vision. Her favourite mediums include watercolour, acrylic, and clay. Her signature subjects are flowers, more flowers, and rocks. She is fascinated with the myriad of floral beauties so readily available for everyone to appreciate and enjoy year round in our west coast. Earlier on in her career, Amy’s works had already won many prestigious prizes in the former Annual Pacific National Exhibition Art Competitions. Amy’s clay art boasts of both functional as well as decorative pottery, ceramic figurines, ocarinas, and most of all, her unique, one of a kind ceramic jewellery comprises earrings, necklaces, broaches, and pendants. These have often been irresistible objects of impulse-buy gift seekers in craft sales and art shows. Amy’s more recent achievements and current exhibits can be found in her website:

 King Bill Li 2015 Horse

Bill Li photoKing Bill Li

Mr. Li has had professional art education from York University, Toronto: BFA (Honors) Degrees, Visual Arts Department. He majored in conceptual arts, painting, and sculpture in 1980. Being an active sculptor and painter for more than 30 years, Mr. Li is best known for his powerful live drawing demonstrations and intricate paintings. Mr. Li has had numerous solo exhibitions in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan. While Mr. Li was in HK, he taught art teachers as a lecturer for visual arts for around 8 years; Mr. Li has been an art instructor for different schools such as Design First Art and Design College for adults for many years; he has taught at least 10,000 students. He was also teaching contemporary watercolor and ink painting in many different schools, libraries, and art centres in Hong Kong. He is also famous for his thousands of original paper sculpture models he has created. Mr. Li has published over 30 books, about philosophies, nature, art and astronomy. Mr. Li was honoured with the teaching award for excellence in Hong Kong. He has served on the arts council for award jury for visual arts in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.


Dance Jpeg 10Sudnya Mulye

Sudnya Mulye is a professional Bharata Natyam dancer, choreographer and instructor. Bharata Natyam is an Indian Classical dance which integrates stylized hand gestures, facial expressions, footwork, yoga, and universal emotions. Sudnya holds her B.F.A in Bharata Natyam and M.F.A in Choreography from Nalanda Nritya Kala Mahavidyalaya, University of Mumbai, India. She has performed at various Festivals and on television in India and critics acclaimed her dance as a “rhythmic spectacle…making her presence felt with delightful expressions.” In Canada, Sudnya’s performances include the Vancouver and Yukon Story Telling Festivals, Vancouver Folk Festival, International Jazz Festival, Vancouver International Children’s Festival, Sacred Music Festival, and many more.

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Sudnya has worked with renowned international artists such as Lata Pada, the Artistic Director of Sampradaya Dance creations, and has worked in the Jesse Award-winning production “Cultural Metaphors” presented by Pangaea Arts of Vancouver. Sudnya has also worked with Ancient Yogic Arts, Masabo Cultural Company, Triveni Sangam, Rasika’s Story Dancing, and East-West Cultural Exchange groups to promote Bharata Natyam. Eager to share her passion for dance with youth, Sudnya performs and gives workshops in schools on “Dance in India”. Sudnya has been a part of “Learning through the Arts,” a program in partnership with the Royal Conservatory of Music and “Artist in Residence” Program of the Vancouver School Board. Sudnya Dance Academy (SDA) was established in 1997. Sudnya’s students take pride in mentioning that Bharata Natyam taught at SDA has given them the discipline, maturity, grace and foundation to become successful in their endeavours. Sudnya’s dance lessons offer students the unique opportunity to learn Bharata Natyam combined with the culture of India, with no limitations of background, age, levels, or abilities. Sudnya has presented “Soul of Dance” in 2010 and “Buddham Saranam Gacchami” in 2011 as academy productions. In addition to her performances and instruction, Sudnya has been the Artistic Director for several events including: Vancouver Celebrates Diwali, Kala Utsav – a charity event benefitting the Canadian Red Cross, and Natyanjali – The Festival of Indian Classical Dance Styles. Currently, Sudnya, in partnership with
Clarkson Events, is starting a new tradition in Richmond as the Artistic Director in for International Dance Day Richmond. Sudnya has been nominated for several dance and community awards including the Richmond Review’s Ethel Tibbits Women of Distinction Award. To connect with Sudnya, visit:

To view performances by Sudnya Dance Academy, visit:
• Soul of Dance

• Bharat Natyam ~ NAAD Festival 2013 – YouTube


Gary Nay

Gary Nay is a self-taught local artist currently living and working in Tsawwassen, BC. After 25 years in the investment industry, he left his day job to pursue his passion for art. Gary is an award-winning member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, and actively promotes the local artistic community through various organizations. He is on the forefront of digital painting and loves the freedom and spontaneity this medium allows. His whimsical style is playful and colourful but with an irreverent and thought-provoking edge. See more of Gary’s work at


Aaron Pang

From humble beginnings in Delta, B.C, Aaron started his musical journey at the age of 4 on the piano, studying with Maureen Edwards. He took classical piano lessons with Maureen for over 10 years, learning basic theory and rudiments along the way. After graduating from high school, Aaron decided to pursue music wholeheartedly, and took lessons from Dunja Bohinc, practicing extensively for a year before auditioning for music school. In 2010 he began his music degree at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, studying piano under Jane Hayes, and took an interest in jazz music. He also took a minor in percussion and was a percussionist in the Kwantlen Wind Ensemble. Wanting to reach greater heights, Aaron moved to Victoria in the summer of 2012 and was accepted into the music program at the University of Victoria. There he studied classical piano with Eva Kinder-Solarman, and jazz with trumpeter Patrick Boyle. Aaron realized then that he wanted to move his passion towards jazz music. Under Patrick Boyle, he studied jazz theory, history, arranging, and improvisation, and delved deeper into the nuances and complexities of jazz music.

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Since graduating from the University of Victoria, Aaron has been expanding his musical horizons, joining Whiskey Karma, a country band, as a keyboard player. He also plays with the Kwantlen Jazz Combo as a pianist and vibraphonist, led by bassist Jodi Proznick, as well as an indie folk pop trio led by singer/songwriter Rob Fillo. Aaron was invited in the summer of 2016/2017 to be a teaching assistant at the VSO School of Music for their annual jazz camp, working alongside jazz pianist Miles Black. He wishes to continue pursuing music with a fiery passion and inspire the livelihood of those around him.


Shirley Rampton photoShirley Rampton

An avid painter and textile artist, it wasn’t until 1987 when I retired from my job in a finance department that I was able to pursue my artistic ambitions.   I began taking as many art courses and workshops as possible, watercolor my chosen medium.   Although watercolor still continues to surprise and excite me, I now paint mostly in acrylic, moving away from realism into slightly abstract and/or contemporary expression.   Over the years I have found the creation of art with both paint and fabric very much connected.  My paintings often become art quilts, many of which have been accepted into juried competitions.  I still continue taking workshops that interest me, the learning process never ending.

I am an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Richmond Artists Guild, Riverside Art Circle, South Delta Artists Guild and Textile Art Guild of Richmond.  My work has been shown at many group shows in the Richmond Art Gallery, Gallery 1710, Phoenix Workshop and other local venues.



Susan’s career has taken her worldwide. Susan was a guest entertainer for Princess Cruises, the female lead at the Diamond Horseshoe for Tokyo Disneyland, and starred in “Escandola”, a musical revue in Europe. Susan has worked with the late Bob Fosse, Peter Matz and Earl Brown and at home; she has performed with Bob McGrath on the Variety Telethon and sung with Dal Richards and Bobby Hales Orchestras’ and with Motown singer Bobby Taylor. She starred, as Nelly Forbush in “South Pacific” for Theatre Under The Stars, “Godspell” at the Vancouver Playhouse, was the female lead in “Steppin’ Out” with Variety at the Vogue and a guest entertainer in the “Hugh Pickett Tribute” at the Arts Club. At Metro, she starred as Reno Sweeney in “Anything Goes” and Dorothy Brock in “42nd Street”. Susan produced and starred in her own one-woman show, “An Evening with Susan Skemp” at the Gateway Theatre, “A Date with Susan & Michel” at the Oasis and her Cabaret series, “Nostalgia” with Phil Moriarity at Metro. She was in the Canadian Premiere of “Snoopy” as Sally Brown and sang a live telecast to New York for the “Rick Hansen Man in Motion Tour” at Expo ’86. She also starred in the Japanese TV series, “Rice Curry” and the Vancouver produced Children’s TV series, “Tell-A-Tune-Town” – for which she wrote six original songs. Susan was the lead vocalist on, “The TLO Celebrates Musicals” CD, she sang on the 2005 Grey Cup Theme song and 2007 PNE parade song was a session gospel singer on the Harrison Ford film, “Fire Wall”, Susan performed at the 2012 Senior Games in 2013 “Christmas at the Dunbar” and 2014 for a “Dunbar Celebration” and at Hycroft in 2015..


Marina Szijarto

Marina is a professional visual, celebration and installation artist with a diverse arts practice.  She works within the mediums of community engaged rites and celebrations, theatre, dance, performance, public and visual art. Much of her work is site specific, being created for, and with, a particular landscape, community or season. She is the Art and Technical Director at Vancouver’s Mountain View Cemetery All Souls event (in its 10th year), the Creative and Artistic Director of A Midsummer Fete (with Metro Vancouver) – a celebration of art, environment and organic farming at Colony Farm Regional Park, and the Creative Director of the Richmond Maritime Festival. Marina has received two Jessie Richardson Awards, plus seven nominations, for outstanding costume design, set design and mask/puppet design for her work in the lower mainland professional theatre community, and was publicly recognized by the City of Vancouver in the 2012 ‘Remarkable Women’ awards.

Melanie Thompson

Melanie Thompson lives and works on Salt Spring Island and in a very small cottage at the Finn Slough on the Fraser River. She has practised basketry for many years using traditional and non traditional materials. Melanie recently completed the Diploma in Fine Arts at ECUAD. This course work informed her design sensibilities and led to her mixed media work. Melanie has exhibited and sold her work widely. Her work can be found at Crafthouse, Granville Island, BC, South Shore Gallery, Sooke, BC, and Artcraft, Salt Spring Island, BC. It can also be viewed at, and on her blog .


Andrew Wade - Horizontal CropAndrew Wade

Andrew Wade is a Richmond-raised playwright and performer. A twice-over graduate from the University of Victoria (BFA: Theatre, BA: Writing), Andrew immigrated to Richmond as a baby, went away for University, and then returned. He spends much of his rent-paying hours at Gateway Theatre and The Gulf of Georgia Cannery. Outside of his dayjobs, his artistic accolades include:
– Being the only person to be on both 2015 and 2016 winning teams for SMACKDOWN! The 24 Hour Musical Contest.
– Co-nominated: Outstanding New Work, 2016 OVATION! Awards (TITUS!: The Light and Delightful Musical Comedy of Titus Andronicus).
– Nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical, 2015 CTC Awards (Little Women).
– Nominated for Outstanding Newcomer – Male, 2015 OVATION! Awards and Outstanding Gypsy – Male, 2013 OVATION! Awards.
– Chosen as one of Richmond’s ’30 under 30′ in 2013.
– Won the 2011 Vancouver Young Playwrights Competition (The Romantics).
– Awarded second place AND honorable mention, 2008 Vancouver Young Playwrights Competition (High School Noir and Hullaboo)
Andrew is known for writing, producing, and performing his own works in nineteen festivals across the country since 2011 (The Hatter, The Most Honest Man In The World, William vs The World). He aims to create theatre that inspires. Follow his adventures at!

 Wellman Poppy path.jpg

Loraine Wellman

Loraine Wellman lives, gardens and paints in Richmond, B.C. Loraine has studied art ever since she was a child and was recommended to classes at the Vancouver Art Gallery. She had a wonderful immersion in classical art training at Vancouver School of Art (now Emily Carr University). Loraine then attended the University of British Columbia, earned a B.Ed and began teaching as an art specialist.

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 Later, while raising a family, she did extensive work in fabric arts and had many designs printed in American magazines. She also took further drawing and painting classes at Douglas and Kwantlen Colleges and studied portrait painting with Geoffrey Traunter. An interest in dolls and historical fashion resulted in Loraine being a paper doll artist for the Canadian Doll Journal from 1994 through 1998. Loraine has now returned to painting with a passion. She paints many subjects, building her acrylic on canvas paintings layer by layer to create a vibrancy of colour and a sense of light. Loraine’s paintings are in collections in Canada, USA, Europe and Taiwan. She has paintings on permanent display in Richmond Hospital, the President’s Office of Royal Roads University and the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre “Oseradok”, Winnipeg. Loraine is an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Vice-President of Richmond Artists Guild, regular participant in a life drawing group and paints outdoors with Men in Hats. Loraine has a blog and shows work on her website – 


 Robin White untitled

Robin G. White

Drawing and painting have been an exciting challenge for me for many years. Joseph Wong, my first drawing teacher, was instrumental in awakening what was a passion unknown to me at the time. Since then, I have continued to draw, create collages and paint. My work has been influenced by the formalized learning I have done with Adrienne Moore, Mark Glavina, Kerry Vaughn Erickson, Lisa Visage, Kathy Swift and Tanya Bone.

In 2007, I joined the Richmond Artists Guild and shortly thereafter started attending their life drawing sessions. Since then, I have worked with drawing materials such as ink and “sticks” and watercolour, acetate and felt markers, graphite and charcoal. I am grateful for the many models who provide inspiration and opportunities to explore various media and substrates.

MK Wong

One of childhood dreams, growing up in China, was to pursue the arts. As an adult, painting is a way to express how lucky I am to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world: Canada. Although I haven’t taken formal instruction in painting, I am trying to learn from videos and books, and by attending community demonstrations. I recently joined a sketching group and enjoy observing how other artists work. I try to practice as often as possible at home, on transit, and on trips away from Vancouver. Creating art gives me great pleasure. If other people also like my artwork and wish to buy it, I will donate whatever I receive to charity.

Rebecca Woo Autumn Evening

Rebecca Woo photoRebecca Woo

Rebecca Woo enjoyed five great years in Taiwan in the 1960s before a tragic accident took the life of her pilot husband, leaving her a young widow with two small children. In 1971, Rebecca’s desire to begin a new life led her and her children to immigrate to Canada. Being a single mother in a new country was a struggle; her dreams she had since childhood to write, draw and paint took second place while raising her family. However, as Rebecca’s children grew older and her duties of being a mother lessened, she began to find time for herself to draw and paint.

Rebecca has attended courses at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design and she has studied with the famous artists: David Lange, Michal O’Tool, Neil Patterson, Howard Carr and Alan Wylie. For Rebecca, painting is not about the financial success or becoming world renowned; rather, it is about the joy she embraces from being creative and expressing her feelings. Sharing her vision and work with others providers Rebecca with more than enough satisfaction

Emily Yip 3

Emily Yip photoEmily Yip

Emily Yip, the youngest of three children in a Hong Kong working class family, immigrated to Canada and resides in Richmond, BC. Emily has had a passion for art since she was young. She creates paintings, photos and mixed media artworks.
Her paintings directly respond to the surrounding environment and use everyday experiences from the artist as a starting point. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. By applying abstraction, she tries to approach a wide scale of subjects in a multi-layered way, likes to involve the viewer in a way that is sometimes physical, and believes in the idea of function following form in a work.