2019 Richmond Community Foundation High School Scholarship

Deadline: March 11

Application deadline: March 11
2019 Richmond Community Foundation High School Scholarship
The Richmond Community Foundation is once again accepting applications for its high school scholarship program. All Richmond students who are graduating in 2019, and plan on pursuing post-secondary studies, are eligible to apply. Sometimes, students think that, due to their grades or field of study, they aren’t likely to win a scholarship. That’s not the case with the Community Foundation. The organization offers multiple scholarships, many of which place more emphasis on community service or extracurricular activities than academic performance. And scholarships are available for everything from social sciences, to the performing arts, to vocational studies. Whatever path your education takes, it’s more likely than not that the Community Foundation can give you a financial boost. In 2018, the Foundation awarded 47 scholarships, together valued at nearly $30,000. That number will be similar – and perhaps even higher – this year. To apply, simply complete the application form on the Foundation’s website, being sure that you include two reference letters.
Website with application form: