Pacific Wild 12×12 Instagram Auction for Conservation of the Great Bear Rainforest

Deadline: October 15

Today, Pacific Wild is issuing a call for artists to witness and document today’s biodiversity on B.C.’s coast and, in particular, the Great Bear Rainforest via a collaborative 12×12 art project running world-wide this fall.

Open to professional artists as well as youth and amateurs (professional artist submissions are displayed uniquely) participants are asked to create a piece using any medium, within a 12”x12” space, and display it on Instagram using the hashtag #wildauction2019. It is asked that pieces speak to Pacific Wild conservation campaigns for the Great Bear Rainforest, B.C., including wolves, grizzly bears, marine protection, and foundational Pacific herring and wild salmon.

Artists who register are added to a moderated social wall displaying all of the submitted works available for purchase by Pacific Wild supporters and public art lovers. Registered artists will auction pieces to friends, family or followers, with a percentage of proceeds going to Pacific Wild’s 2020 campaigns to protect the Great Bear Rainforest and foundational fisheries of B.C. that support the coast’s unique biodiversity. Professional pieces will be highlighted, offering an opportunity for buyers to capture affordable pieces from known creators. Artists set their own prices for minimums or buy-out amounts, with minimum selling price of $75.

Artists must register by October 15, and display piece(s) by November 15. Pieces can be auctioned at any time in a transaction between the artist and the buyer, and are shipped by the artist. The closing date for sales is November 25, 2019.

“Art can often convey what words and numbers cannot. Our hope is the art from this campaign demonstrates the pivotal point in human history we are at, and communicates the beauty of one of the largest intact temperate rainforests on earth. With a value beyond any monetary estimation, this ecosystem represents hope for humans facing a rising tide of environmental and climate challenges beyond our imagination,” said Laurie McConnell, Systems Wrangler at Pacific Wild. “Artists carry within themselves the vision of what is possible, and call us to respond to the urgency required to protect this region for the benefit of all people, in and outside of British Columbia.”

Registration for the #wildauction2019 is open now until October 15, 2019. Display piece(s) must be shared by November 15, 2019. Pieces can be auctioned at any time in a transaction between the artist and the buyer, and are shipped by the artist. The closing date for sales is November 25, 2019.

Pacific Wild will be highlighting an individual artist each week on its @friendsofpacificwild Instagram account this fall.

During the #wildauction2019 week of November 26 to December 3, different artists will take over @friendsofpacificwild for insights into their work and participation in this campaign.

Full details, FAQ, and registration are all available on Pacific Wild’s website in the web site linked below. You can learn about our campaigns at

About Pacific Wild: Founded in 2008 by conservationists and environmental filmmaker, Ian McAllister, Pacific Wild protects wildlife and their habitat in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia through impactful communications, wildlife monitoring, and community-led initiatives that shed light on the natural world.