Gallery Space for Local Artists – Pacific Arts Market


Pacific Arts Market rents retail space to local artist on a 4 week renewable basis. Each space is 15-18 square feet or 8 x 8 of wall space and costs $308 incl. tax for 4 weeks. All money made for your work goes directly to you, there is no commission. We help with the sales, marketing, book keeping, and everything else, enabling you to continue with your job and leisurely life! We are open 6 days a week, and are a beautiful Arts Market located at 1448 West Broadway. As of now we have over 70 very talented artists and are ever growing. Our goal is to help you to develop and grow your business, we are here to ultimately help the art community of BC!

To Apply: Please fill out the application at

Contact Name: Crystal Cornthwaite
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (778) 877-6449