heARTful Solutions Arts Facilitator – Call For Proposals

Deadline: February 15

Deadline: February 15
heARTful Solutions Arts Facilitator – Call For Proposals

Instruments of Change announces its heARTful Solutions initiative, which seeks to support an emerging artist or artist team in the Lower Mainland who can facilitate and deliver a small-scale community arts project that will address some of the challenges, needs, and pain points of this particular moment in history. We’re eager to hear from young artists who want to make a difference. And we are accepting proposals until Feb 15, with notification by March 1. The selected artist or team will receive $3,000 to design, develop, and deliver their heARTful Solution, from March-Aug, under the mentorship of Laura Barron, Instruments of Change’s Executive Director, who will provide 10 virtual one-on-ones to the selected artist/artists throughout the project. These sessions include professional development around best practices in community-engaged art, guidance with partner and participant communications, curriculum development support, and pedagogical training for facilitation.

We believe in the young creators of tomorrow because:
– Artists are accustomed to charting unfamiliar territory.
– Artists are excellent at “working with what they’ve got.”
– Artists are keen observers and use these powers to create expressions of resonance and relevance.
– Artists thrive at adapting to constantly changing rhythms and flow.

A beautiful piece, written early this year by Andrew Simonet, highlights why Instruments of Change wants to tap the wisdom and creativity of young artists for their Big Ideas around our current crisis. “Dear Artists, This is what we train for. This moment is a health crisis. It is also a crisis of meaning. It is a crisis of connection, of story. It is a crisis of who we are to each other and the agreements that hold us together. And those are things we artists know how to work on.” (excerpted from https://madmimi.com/s/708e601)

The Challenge:
We challenge you to submit ideas that can:

  • IMPROVE Public Health and Well-Being by designing an expressive arts experience that empowers people to become instruments of transformative change in their own lives as they find their creative voices.
  • STRENGTHEN Community Connections within the broadest possible demographic of diverse participants, through the radical act of collective art-making.

Eligible heARTful Solutions participants are young artists from 18-35, who reside in the Lower Mainland. They may be students, early career professionals, young community leaders, or simply young people with an extraordinary idea and a commitment to sharing that idea. Applications are welcome from individuals or teams in any artist medium (music, creative writing, visual art, movement, film, theatre, etc.) And applicants are encouraged to consider digital OR safe, in-person modes of delivery.

To Apply:
Links to your work (websites, IG, etc.):
Current Institution of Learning, or Occupation:

Part One: About You (each 150 words or less)
Why are you moved to apply for the heARTful Solutions challenge?
What are your particular superpowers, passions and purpose that equip you to meet this challenge?
Describe an experience where you connected with community in a meaningful way, that has prepared you to meet the requirements of this challenge (sighting a previous experience in community-engaged art, if possible)?
When did you have an AH-HA moment, as a facilitator, participant, or audience member, that inspired your belief in the power of art to heal, connect, and improve well-being?

Part Two: Project Proposal
Please complete the following details to summarize your heARTful Solution:
Project Description: 250 words or less, to summarize your project concept.
Objectives: What do you hope to achieve? Which audience do you wish to target? What will success look like? (NOTE: This is only a starting point, and based on discussions with your partnering organization, learnings from your mentoring sessions, as well as assets and interests of your participants, the project will, of course, evolve.)

(Bullet point responses needed only)

3. Competitive Analysis: Links to similar programs you’ve researched (locally and globally)

4. Community Partners: List of organizations to approach in order to achieve objectives (IE. venues, instrument/art supply stores, organizations which serve targeted audience, legal/marketing/accounting services if needed, facilitating artist partners)

5. Marketing Strategy: Plans to attract participants (IE. social media, postering, email list serve, face-to-face promotion)

Additional information for applicants:

March: Research period – including brokering of necessary community partnerships, venues, etc.; April: finalization of workshop design, collaboratively created with partner; May: participant recruitment period; June/July: Scheduled series of approx. eight, 2-hour workshops; Aug: Curation; End of Aug: final performance/presentation, if relevant, and final report to I of C

Budget Overview:
$2,500 Artist fee (50 hours of prep and engagement at $50 per hour rate – not including 10 mentoring sessions) $500 used discretionarily for materials, marketing expenses, (venue costs & refreshments for participants – if in-person engagements are possible)

Please attach current CV and email addresses for two references.

All applicants can send proposals to: laura@laurabarron.net