Fall Street Banner Program – Langley City

Deadline: May 19

Deadline: May 19
Call for Emerging Artists – Fall Street Banner Program – Langley City
The City of Langley is currently looking for an artist or artists to help create artwork for the fall street banner program to be placed in the downtown area. The City of Langley wishes to commission two pieces of complementary artwork to be used as the template for the fall street banner program in the downtown area of the City of Langley. Each year, the City of Langley rotates the banners through the four seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. The new banner project will enhance the look and feel of the community and provide context to the multiculturalism in the area and activities that occur within the community in the Fall. This call is open to emerging and established artists/art instructors residing in the lower mainland.

The City of Langley’s vision for the artwork commissioned is a dynamic art piece that speaks to the vibrancy of our multicultural community in the Fall. The artwork should reflect Langley City in the Fall and can be a drawing, painting, block printing, photograph, vector, or an illustration file. The banners should be:
• Vivid, vibrant, and contrasting fall colours are preferred with enough value (light and dark) separation to provide reasonable legibility under low lighting conditions.
• Colours should be bold and able to stand out when viewed at a distance
• Colours schemes should be indicative of the season/period of the year
• Fewer colours per design are preferred. Most designs can be represented in two to three colours.
• Limit the use yellows and oranges; no pastels since they fade quickly.
• Convert all colours (RGB, Pantone, LAB etc.) to CMYK. You can leave Pantone colours as is and on a separate layer.

Each of the two banners should be inspired by local community; the artwork should have relevance to the character and charm of the City of Langley and the work that the City is doing to support active, healthy lifestyles through arts, culture and recreation. The artwork should be simple, big and bold and easily seen from street level. Each design will be replicated onto banners 32 inches (wide) by 60 inches (length/height) (both left and right).
Submit the 8 ½ x 11 template with the scaled artwork that is reflective of the finished product in a pdf format. Submit a brief write up (1 page max.) on the artwork explaining the details of the pieces and how they relate to this call. All submissions should be accompanied by a resume indicating credentials and relevant experience.

Artist Fee: $500/banner (two total). The artist fee will be paid to the artist(s) who’s banners are selected. The artist must be able to submit their works in one of these accepted file formats: • AI – pdf compatible file. Saved with “compression option” on.
• EPS vector – resolution 300dpi at 25% of banner size or 72dpi at 100% of the banner size. Saved with “embed fonts for other applications” feature turned on.
• INDD (InDesign) Package that contains all of the necessary files.
• PDF – hi resolution images and fonts embedded. Saved with “preserve illustrator editing capabilities” on. TIFF or JPG – hi resolution (300 dpi), all layers flattened.
• PSD with layers will allow corrections/adjustments. Don’t exceed 60MB file size limit* Files over 60 MB slow down pre-production process. Please check files for unnecessary components/layers & save at a setting that lowers file size or adjust artwork accordingly.

Selection and Completion Process Steps:

1. Submission Deadline – May 19, 2023 at 3:30pm Local Time.
2. All submissions will be adjudicated by municipal staff.
3. Artists may be invited to meet with the Jury to review proposal(s).
4. Successful artist will be notified by May 31, 2023.

Artwork Selection Criteria:

The successful proposal will:
 Reflect some or all of the City vision/description for the art work.
 Reflect the community values, diversity, and inclusivity of the people of the City of Langley
 Demonstrate originality and artistic merit.
 Be engaging and interactive.
 Enhance the visitors’ experience.

All proposals must be submitted to the City of Langley:

Email: khilton@langleycity.ca under the subject heading “2023-02 Fall Street Banner Program”. Electronic submission should be in PDF format.

Artist Fee: $500/banner (looking for a pair of banners – right and left hanging) Only those selected will be paid.