Cathy Kluthe

Graphic Realism with A Surrealistic Twist

With the use of oil pastels, I have created a series of drawings focusing on the simplistic gathering of one or more shapes with a minimal colour palette which allows one to really focus in on that subject. While focusing on simple objects I see that the simplicity of the white objects is calming and the intensity of blue surrounded by bright yellows gives energy. These contrasting energies are seen every day and we can choose to observe and enjoy which ones we really feel at that moment. Realism is challenging and I enjoy to examine closely the intricacies of the subject matter. I see more the more I look; as I examine the object closely I see more abstract shapes inside of the tones and colours. Blending together all those abstract details will intentionally develop into a recognizable form.

I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone and dusted off my oil pastels, purchased some professional brands and focused on imagery that could be appropriate for that medium. Oil pastels allow me to use great force applying layers upon layers of pigment, smoothing, blending colours together, scratching, scraping the pigment around, working with darks and light areas. Creating imagery using lines, colour, tone and texture and all of that layering gives me some really rich colours.

While looking through all of my photographs I find something that really pops out to me and gives me inspiration to start drawing, then I forget about everything and fall into that great creative zone.

My common themes are vintage portraits, any type of animal and birds, flowers…so basically NATURE.

Instagram: @cathykluthe @ms_cathyk @2Brushduo