Emilie Klaussen

Experimental Painter

Emilie graduated from Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, AB with a BFA in Painting in 2007. Since then she has exhibited in Canada including; group show ‘Freshly Baked’ at Bakery, Vancouver, BC 2015; group show “Shooting the Green Fairy” at Red Gate Society, Vancouver BC 2016; Solo show “Two Years” at Off The Rail Brewing, Vancouver BC 2017.

Artist Statement:
Emilie paints with a combination of traditional and contemporary applications. She uses Oil, Acrylic and watercolour paint on canvas and paper. She is a experimental painter who utilizes her experiences in printmaking to inform her painting practices.

Emilie’s work comprises two streams of interest; abstract painting and contemporary representation. These streams satisfy different ways of creating images, abstract painting is a fast responsive design process, and representational painting is a process of unravelling the abstraction within the illusion of representation. Emilie’s key interest is in the process of deconstructing images and reassembling them into new images and environments. What results is a combination of possible and fantasy environments. For Emilie these environments are explorations of real and imagined environments and how we experience and identify ourselves through environments. Emilie is interested in our notions of distilling memories, the construction of fantasy and escape, and examining ingredients of collective identity and belonging.