Ghislain Brown-Kossi

Acrylic Painter
Acrylic Painter

Artist Statement
I’ve always been fascinated by communication between people. Changes in relationships and societies, in space and over time—these processes are richly suggestive of our human potential, and of our innate desire to improve and grow beyond our starting points. Much of my work employs bright colours to explore the joy that such transformation can invoke. By merging the boundaries between past and future, self and other, or human and machine, my art celebrates social configurations that exist as moments of mutual influence.  Splintered into multiple directions, the pieces dislocate space while also unifying the potential for connection across time and distance. Ultimately, these pieces comment on the multiple ways we communicate in the 21st century. In all of my work, from my acrylic paintings to my multimedia pieces, sculptures, and photography, I seek to bring into focus the fertile potential that emerges in the midst of social evolution.


Vancouver-based artist Ghislain Brown-Kossi grew up in France, where his early passion for art seemed like a departure from his parents’ careers in fashion and marketing. After completing his studies in Fashion Business, he spent time in various Parisian fashion houses before moving to Vancouver in 2017. After years of working as a self-taught artist, he has realized that his pursuits are not so different from his parents’, after all. He is spends now an increasing amount of time painting from his Granville Island studio.