Joselito Macapagal

Oils and Acrylic, Watercolours, and Pastels
Oils and Acrylic, Watercolours, and Pastels

Joselito and his family migrated to Canada in 1989 from the Philippines. He worked as a computer sign maker for more than twenty years in Richmond. Now that he has retired, he has devoted his time to fully pursue his art. He works with a variety of media including oil, acrylic, watercolours and pastels. He enjoys drawing and sketching. His artwork draws upon a variety of inspirations, with particular interests in nature, people, still life and abstract ideas. Each of his projects and exhibitions follow common theme or subject matter. His style of painting ranges from abstraction to realistic, while staying close to impressionistic techniques.

Artist Statement:
I am putting up in this weekly feature, artworks that I have done in watercolours. I have been drawn into watercolours because of its lightness to handle and minimal preparations. Also I find it relaxing and enjoyable that goes into the act of watercolor painting. Its luminosity, transparency and color control from various touch of brushstrokes, makes the watercolors versatile and subtle medium. I am showcasing watercolour paintings from various subject matter; nature, beautiful scenic spots, flowers and still life.


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