Marcelle ‘Mudslinger’ Glock


Artist statement:
My ceramic discipline is predominantly in wood fire stoneware, and I experiment with a variety of clays and methods including raku and local terra-cotta. Clay has been my primary medium for skilled craft and visual communication since childhood. Born in Alberta and raised in BC, I graduated from Richmond Sr. Secondary 1993. The art community in Richmond was closely engaged with youths and had a role in the foundation of my path in art. I studied Fine Arts at Malaspina University before apprenticing to wood fire potter and kiln builder, Graham Sheehan of Gabriola, where I learned traditional and modern methods in all phases of ceramic production. Today my wood kiln and studio, known as Mad Mudslinger, operate on remote Thwii’kum (Mudge Island) near Ladysmith BC. The objects I make range from one-of-a-kind functional domestic ware to larger sculptural urns and expressive pieces. Themes are often primitive or archetypal, referring to the ancestral past and mysterious future. Manipulated ceramic material has been part the human experience from prehistoric times, as it continues into the space-age and beyond. These integral earthly threads inspire me to the privilege of taking part in the cycle of artifacts.