Axel Breutigam

Award-Winning Photographer
Award-Winning Photographer

Axel Breutigam is an international award-winning photographer; a German-born Canadian, located in Vancouver, BC.

Among others Breutigam studied under Alan Ross, Ansel Adams’ former assistant, and the exclusive printer of Adams’ Yosemite Special Edition Negatives. Under Ross, Breutigam enhanced his technical skill and was taught how best to use digital processing techniques that emulate the darkroom prints of earlier decades.

Breutigam has established himself as a black & white photographer with a distinct and technically sophisticated style. Intriguing perspectives, bold lighting and abstract shapes are characteristic of his evocative, timeless compositions.

Breutigam’s subtle abstractions, aversion to excessive digital manipulation, and penchant for sharply focused, tonally rich, and high contrast photographs draws parallels to the straight photography style pioneered by members of the West Coast Photographic Movement, which included renowned photographers Edward Weston, Paul Strand, and Ansel Adams. Breutigam’s motifs of abstraction and sharply focused forms make his photographs remarkably contemporary, while the traditional techniques he practices imbue his photographs with a timeless quality that recalls this earlier movement.

Since 2014 Breutigam had seven Solo Shows and took part in twenty-three Group Exhibitions in Canada (Vancouver, BC; Calgary, AB) and the US (Portland, OR; Palm Springs, CA).

Breutigam has published three photography books.