Burnett Secondary Music Program

Students of Diverse Roots
Students of Diverse Roots

About our band:
In the Burnett music program, we strive to encourage students of diverse roots to come together for a common goal: to make and enjoy music. Our commitment to this goal ensures that all members of Burnett concert bands, jazz band, and guitar program, no matter their skills or identity, are involved in our community. Not only do we encourage and assist in the development of musical skills, but also provide the opportunity to develop qualities such as leadership, responsibility and empathy. We introduce our students to new friendships, worldviews, and experiences, all of which contribute to making high school an enjoyable and memorable experience.

About our teacher and conductor:
Ms. Khoo, has been a band teacher for 28 years, during which she has taught many students of various age levels. As a teacher, she works with students of Burnett and Wowk Elementary, but she is also the conductor of the Marcato Youth Community Band and the community band Brass, Wind and Wire. She has gained experience playing countless instruments including the flute, clarinet. trumpet, French horn, and trombone, Ms. Khoo is a dedicated musician and conductor eager to spread her love for music to the students of Burnett and beyond.