Elaine Scott

Art as a Journey
Art as a Journey

Artist Statement:

Art has been in my blood since the beginning I am raised in a creative family so it comes naturally. Decades ago it was all about big, vibrant, energetic, expressive figurative works that were a physical force (to be revisited).

Cut to 15 years ago I enrolled in a few mixed media classes and this changed my trajectory to that of a junk collector, trinket enthusiast & all around recycler which I utilize & repurpose into collage pieces.

After surviving a sham of a 20 year common law relationship I’m now healing & I continue to heal -it’s been a long, long journey the last words that were stated to me were: “you’ll thank me one day” as he walked out the door. Actually I do (not that the other party is aware); it set me free to find my Inspiration again and it hasn’t stopped since… I re-found my true love and for that I thank and am truly grateful.

I create art everyday and now know that this is my art practice it’s been years in the making with time off for life’s diversions and agendas and the demons I’ve overcome & the drama that accompanies it but better late than never. Just fyi I had a few skeletons in my closet that had to be worked through being that I had always been a curious individual whereby I was in many different situations that were dark but the through the support of loved ones on this dimension and others my guardian angels protected me…thank god for that!

I have a supply of art work that is available for viewing and of course for sale. Now it’s time to catch up and overcome the fear of rejection and jump on board with social media, artists calls and residencies time to continue the evolution. Time to work on my purpose and to dedicate and immerse myself in the process of creating my art with my gift which I dedicate to my amazing family.

I am free and back to the real me!