Esmie Gayo McLaren

Narrative Artmaking
Narrative Artmaking

In her narrative artmaking, Esmie Gayo McLaren questions, romanticizes, and embraces subjects that resonate with her spirit as artist, woman, and global citizen.

Textured canvases, bold colors, and candid subjects are key to her emphases on motion and emotion. Her series on women probes the perception of the viewers whom she brings up close to witness joy, vulnerability, and passion.

McLaren is based in Vancouver, Canada, a metropolis of varied cultures. The lines are often blurred between painting and volunteer work as she enjoys bridging communities through her art.

A prolific artist, her popularly collected paintings have garnered awards such as “Best of Show”, “People’s Choice”, and “ Excellence in Figurative Work”. She holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree from University of Alberta and an Art Certificate from Emily Carr University.

Locally and internationally, she continues to explore, create, and make a difference through her art.

In April, 2018, McLaren produced “Essence Art Exhibition” with the North Vancouver Community Artspace to highlight women’s roles, struggles, and triumphs. Her works and those of 4 other artists convey that each person has a role in shaping a world where men and women can equally realize their dreams. In September, Essence will travel to Ottawa to continue sharing the message and to connect with the community. Artworks by Danvic Briones (Richmond BC), Pamela Gotangco (Zurich), Lenore RS Lim (NY, Manila, Vancouver), Chito Maravilla (Surrey BC), Esmie Gayo McLaren (Vancouver), and guest artist Melanie Yugo (Ottawa) will be presented by the Philippine Embassy in Canada.

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