Frank Levine

Impressionistic Imagery
Impressionistic Imagery with Geometrical Abstraction

Artist Statement:
Since early childhood I have shown an interest in Art and Painting and therefore it was no surprise to the family that at some time in my education I would attend an Art College. During the foundation year I recognized that as very few pure artists succeeded in earning a reasonable living, I would need to carefully choose a specialty. In my wisdom Fashion became the choice and I enjoyed a ten-year career in the vibrant London Fashion scene of the 1960’s even though my heart was still with pure art. This experience probably had an influence on my early paintings which were all in the impressionist style. Towards the late 1970’s I decided that to gain a wider audience my paintings needed to graduate from just pleasant impressions to an original style that would gain me instant recognition. I chose to experiment with geometric imagery with the result being that this now forms the basis of most of my paintings. Using this technique has allowed me to use extreme contrasts in both shade and colour which I believe add a certain passion to the subject. Although there are limitations on the subjects chosen, I am always searching for an image that will engage the viewer each and every time.


March 25, 2019