Gao Chen

Freelance Painter
Freelance Painter

Gao Chen, born in 1946, graduated from the oil painting research class of the Art Department of Jiaotong University in Shanghai. He also studied art design at the Shanghai Institute of Arts and Crafts.

He immigrated to Canada in 1989 and is now a Canadian citizen and a freelance painter. In 1991, he was invited as a special painter for Artland Holdings Ltd in Vancouver, which collected 20 of his works. From 1992 to 2011, 30 works were collected by many celebrities in the business circle of Vancouver.

Gao Chen’s paintings are in the European classical realistic style. Since 2015, he has turned to impressionistic freehand painting style. His works are mainly sketches of figures and landscapes. He tries to discover poetry in ordinary and ordinary life scenes, and impresses with simple and sincere lyricism. People’s hearts, through the depiction of reality, show the pursuit of an ideal life. His oil painting language is simple and concise, with bright and elegant colors and a strong sense of form. He is an invisible painter who has lived in Vancouver for 34 years and has devoted himself to painting creation. He has drawn a batch of modern genre paintings of a very high standard, which are highly praised by Canadian and Chinese painting authorities.

2014.09: “Chen Gao Solo Exhibition” Basic Inquiry Studios & Gallery, Vancouver BC
2015.05: “Chen Gao Joint Exhibition” Omega Gallery, Vancouver BC
2015.07: “ArtRich 2015” Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond BC
2018.07: “The Charm of the Garden” Solo Exhibition, Zhongshan Park Gallery, Vancouver BC
2019.05: “Vancouver Arts Carnival” “Splendour of Canada” Paintings Exhibition
2019.12: “ArtRich 2019” Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC