Glenda Johnson

Choir Singer, RAC Founding Member
Choir Singer, RAC Founding Member

Glenda Johnson, winner of the 2019 Richmond Arts Award for Volunteerism, passed away in May of 2019. We include her write-up from the Arts Awards ceremony below, as well as her own artist statement. She will be missed.


For decades, Glenda Johnson has been an active volunteer in Richmond’s arts scene, both on stage and off. An arts ambassador and avid volunteer, she continues to work tirelessly, assisting with administration for a variety of local arts organizations. Since 1991, Glenda has been an invaluable and steadfast contributor to the Richmond Orchestra and Chorus Association, where she acts as the music librarian, maintains the choir roster and is an active member of the Chorus. She also helps organize their concerts, fundraisers and events and arranges the sing-outs and concerts around the community. Glenda has also been energetically volunteering with the Richmond Singers in a similar capacity since 1987. Always eager to give back to the arts, Glenda has, in addition, been part of the front-of-house crew at the Gateway Theatre for 32 years.


Artist statement:

Hi, I’m Glenda Johnson. I worked for BC Tel/Telus for just shy of 42 years before I took early retirement in October, 1999. I have two Daughters, who along with their Husbands, have produced six Grandchildren. I sang in the BC Tel Choir for 32 years; now I am singing with the Richmond Orchestra and Chorus, The Richmond Singers, The Richmond Singers Ensemble and my Church choir.

The Richmond Singers Ensemble is a small group made up of present or retired ladies of the main choir. We perform in venues which are not suitable for the larger choir such as retirement homes, adult care centers and other community events. We average more than 30 performances a year.
For the past 29 years I have been a Front of House Volunteer at the Gateway Theatre.

March 29, 2018