Henry Yao, MLA

MLA Richmond South Centre
MLA - Richmond South Centre

Henry Yao is the MLA for Richmond South Centre and was first elected MLA in 2020.

Prior to public service, Henry has spent over 10 years in the field of youth work and has helped to shape thousands of young people in Richmond. Through his work with several local youth-focused organizations, he has helped youth to develop life skills, resilience, inner-potential, and while fostering a deep desire to better their own community. He has worked hard to make sure young people have the opportunities and mentorship they need to thrive.

Henry’s passion for the community is shaped by his personal experience with battling two different types of lymphoma. With the continual support of his friends and family, his cancer went into remission five years later – and he has been dedicated to making life better for the community ever since.

Henry has also been involved in numerous local organizations, including the local Chamber of Commerce and the Richmond Chinese Community Society. He also co-founded Dialogue Richmond, an organization dedicated to promoting safe, respectful, and constructive dialogues on difficult community topics.

In special occasions with his wife, Henry showcases his artistic skills by knitting scarves and origami roses.

February 4, 2021