Iris Absolon

Realistic Whimsy

Artist Biography:
Living in a floating home on the River Fraser in Richmond, Iris has the perfect means to relax and get inspired from all the surrounding flora and fauna.

In many of her paintings she combines animals and other creations of nature to tell little stories and to evoke memories, connecting in a cheerful, uplifting way with the viewer.

Due to her cartographic background, she loves to paint in a detailed, realistic style in various mediums, but with a whimsical aspect.

She continues to develop her artistic skills, getting a Certificate of Fine Art from Emily Carr Institute of Art and joining various art workshops.

Iris recently participated in curated exhibitions with the Community Arts Council Richmond (1st and 2nd place in Mixed Media and Painting category), and was twice part of the exhibition, “Faces of Richmond”.

For many years, her pet portraits have raised funds for different animal charities.