Jenny Liu

Intuitive Watercolor
Intuitive Watercolor

Artist Statement
Jenny Liu’s artwork reflects her fascination with mountains and the medium of watercolor. Working intuitively, Jenny retrieves visual elements from her memory and imagination for her atmospheric landscape paintings. Beautiful mountains of Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest provide endless inspiration.

Influenced by Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, and traditional Chinese ink painting, over the years Jenny Liu has developed her own unique visual vocabulary. Imaginary mountains, forests and topographical forms guide her in creating watercolor paintings that transcend the specifics of time and place. To her, the most important aspect of art creation is imagination. In her art making process, she always follows her own intuition and lets her imagination guide her. Every piece of artwork is the result of an artistic exploration and a conversation between her soul and the divine power of the universe. It has been Jenny Liu’s aim to bring a fresh perspective into the contemporary ethereal semi-abstract painting style through examination of the relationship between the familiar and the imagination, the realism and the abstraction. In Jenny’s paintings, she often uses a variety of techniques to depict the textures of mountains and clouds in the atmosphere. This approach not only pulls the viewer into the paintings but also brings them a sense calm and serenity. Jenny has been practicing TM meditation, since 2017, and she feels that her artistic process is very similar to her TM meditation. She hopes that her paintings can bring the same sense of tranquility to the viewer.

Born in 1962, Jenny currently lives and works in Vancouver, Canada. Drawing and painting has always been part of her life for as long as she can remember. In 1983, she received her Bachelor of Engineering in Landscape Architecture from Tonji University, Shanghai. From 1983 to 1991, Jenny worked with several multi-disciplinary design firms and landscape architectural firms in China, Japan and Canada. In 1993 after receiving her Master of Landscape Architecture from University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, she moved back to Vancouver where she practiced landscape architecture in both public and private sectors. In 2018, after running her own landscape architectural consulting firm for more than 17 years and practicing landscape architecture for more than thirty years, Jenny decided to pursue her passion in watercolor painting full time. In 2022, she joined the Federation of Canadian Artists as an active member. Her work can be found in private collections in USA, Canada and Singapore.

2021 – International All Landscape Competition and Exhibition, Contemporary Art Gallery
2022 – White Cube Exhibition, Benjamin Lumb Art House, West Vancouver
2022 – 2022 Spotlight Exhibition, Federation Gallery, Vancouver
2022 – 2022 Juried Landscape Exhibition, Federation Gallery, Vancouver
2022 – 2022 Juried JIWI International Watercolor Exhibition, Niigata, Japan
2023 – 2023 Juried Group Show (scheduled for Aug 23 – Sept 17), Silk Purse Gallery West Vancouver