Lynn Budny

Vibrant Oil Paintings
Vibrant Oil Paintings

Artist Biography

Vancouver-based artist and graphic designer, Lynn Budny has been creating art since childhood. She has always had strong love of nature, spending many childhood summers camping and vacationing on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, connecting with the forests and coastal shorelines. As a young adult Lynn lived in a small town in Alberta where she was inspired by the rolling hills, open skies and the Rocky Mountains. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary, she went on to earn a Diploma in Graphic Design and Illustration from Capilano University.

Working full time as a graphic designer she devotes her spare time painting and exhibiting her work. For more than 30 years Lynn has been a dedicated oil painter, she loves the way the medium lends itself to the vibrant and translucent quality of her subject matter and style. Expressing her emotions through her oil paintings of dramatic oceans , skies and landscapes, each work represents a moment in time in her personal and artistic journey–captured onto canvas. Lynn is an Active Member with the Federation of Canadian Artists. Her work is exhibited regularly in galleries and is held in permanent and private collections in Canada , USA and Europe. She has been an artist in residence in Skopelos, Greece, Orquevaux, France and Vallauris, France.

Artist Statement

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.” – Emile Zola

Painting is my outlet when life is hard, easy, ugly, or beautiful. It’s always been the anchor that gives me a sense of calm, control and confidence when all else is chaos. I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember and couldn’t imagine my life without it.

Originally my “I Am The Sky” series of cloudscapes was inspired when my father was seriously ill in the hospital. I sat at his bedside, looking out the window and watched the dark clouds moving across the sky. The moment I received the news that he had only hours to live it began to rain and my grief felt so all encompassing that it even the sky was crying. I was immediately struck by this moment and was inspired to use cloudscapes as symbols for my emotions. ‘I Am The Sky’ has since become a series symbolizing my emotions onto canvas.

The theme of water is the subject for my recent work, originating when I had suffered a traumatic injury that left me with debilitating pain and severely limiting my physical mobility. I found some relief by sitting by the ocean, with it’s rhythmic, meditative sound, watching the play of light and movement of the waves. As a result, I considered how the mind-body-nature link can promote healing and use the theme of water to symbolize my own metamorphosis and artistic journey.