Lyudmila Kisseleva

Pressed Dry Leaves
Pressed Dry Leaves

My name is Lyudmila Kisseleva. I immigrated to Canada from Kazakhstan and now I live with my family in Coquitlam.

If you are a creative person or just enjoy decorations hand-made using natural materials, my art is for you.

I make pressed dry leaves art.  Art is my hobby. It makes me feel good. I have not done this until I came to Canada. I first got this idea when I was teaching my granddaughter to do simple applications, it was quite a few years ago. I was a member of the North Vancouver Community Arts Council for 3 years and have participated in various craft markets over the past 6 years. Then I was a member of the New Westminster Arts Council.

I have many different themes reflected in my art and I also like making projects for special occasions and holidays such as Canada Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other. In my art you can see images of birds. flowers, butterflies, mountains, and other. I like making wall art pictures and portraits. The purpose of my art is to bring joy to people.

Following is a bit about the process of making dry leaves art.

First, I go outside and pick up leaves that I like. I choose leaves of different colors and shapes, but I don’t take leaves that are damaged. I blot the leaves dry with a paper towel if they’re wet. Then, I cover the leaves with another piece of paper. I press the leaves by placing them inside a heavy book and place another heavy book on top. Every week I check the leaves. I only use dry leaves, glue, and some self-made tools. I sort the leaves by color and put them into labeled plastic boxes. When leaves are ready, I sketch out what I want to make. Then I turn on my imagination and create.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through my artwork.

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