Richmond Music School Society

A Not-For-Profit Music School
Not-For-Profit Music School

The Richmond Music School Society (RMS) is the largest and oldest not-for-profit music school in Richmond. Founded in 1979 and officially registered as a charity in 1980, RMS is dedicated to upholding the highest teaching standards in both private and group music settings.

As a founding member of the BC Association of Community Music Schools, it remains steadfast in its commitment to maintaining rigorous professional criteria while ensuring the accessibility of high-quality music education for all sectors of Metro Vancouver. The Richmond Music School actively bridges the accessibility gap by offering various outreach programs and affordable lesson fees. In line with growing demand, RMS continues to expand its programs, enabling students of all ages and abilities to pursue their passion for music through inspired teaching and learning.

In recognition of its exceptional contributions, RMS was honoured with the City of Richmond’s 2020 Arts Education Award and was a finalist for the Richmond Chamber of Commerce’s 2020 Association of the Year Award.