Su Gao

Alienation of Super-Realistic Images
Alienation of Super-Realistic Images

Art Interpretation:

My art works, focused on super-realistic form and absurd content, is aimed to alienate the normality of the real world via the combination of creation, grafting and alienation of super-realistic images. To reflect on the normality includes the abnormal experiments on normalized materials and the abnormal interpretation of the normalized concept, and thus creates a brand new visual world, which is an important artistic technique of “Absurd and Super-realistic Sculpture”, a characteristic deep-rooted in my artistic world view.

My three series of sculptures including “Grafting Series”, “Hybrid kingdom Series”, and “The New World”, by combining meat quality with various animals, plants, fungus, protist, and prokaryote, create a “planted life”, and extremely vividly represent elements like (the color, surface texture, surface textile tension, elasticity and volume of the meat). By means of grafting, transformation and alienation, the true normality of the appearance is converted into the logical meaninglessness of intrinsic reasoning, irrationality, a false belief and doubts about the unknown, thus making it non-referential, unnatural and strange to reality. Its very personal image causes the audience to meditate, worry, panic, fear, feel sick and stay away.

Picasso once said, “Art is not the truth, and art is a lie to let us understand the truth, at least to let us understand the truth of the lie. The artist must be fully aware of the technique that makes other people believe the truth of his lies”. Whether or not defined by art history alone, we have to admit that absurd and super-realistic sculpture plays an important role in contemporary sculpture art and will continue to develop. Through the study on absurd and super-realistic art, I keep exploring my own art career, as well as the absurdity and truth of the human heart, and try to exhibit them to the audience. Via awakening the self-centered feelings about the common experience of all mankind, I record the real human past in my art works.

Perhaps there are some higher forms of representational composition on top of reality, and their extreme truth exists only in artistic expressions that are untrue or absurd, but they can precisely reach the nature of the real things. By virtue of this possibility, I can lead the audience to the essence of my works through the expression. The technique of the absurd and super-realistic sculpture makes possible the higher forms of the composition.