Weila Suo

Embodying Self-Fulfillment
Embodying Self-Fulfillment

Weila Suo obtained her bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and Design. She has been working as an independent visual artist and an experienced fine art instructor over 10 years. After graduated from Emily Carr, she has worked for several local institutes such as the Youth Program offered by the School District No. 38 (Richmond), S.Y Leung Creative Arts Studio, W Gallery and Omega Gallery. She specializes in drawing, watercolor, illustration, and oil painting.

Artist Statement:
I always believe that as one of independent individuals, I should have my quiet moments to engage in introspection.  Enjoying life always seems impossible to me, so I try to consider all the emotions such as anxiety, melancholy, cynicism, sentimentality, or loneliness I have been struggling against as a way of practicing; Through these practices, I’ve been able to see the proof of embodying self-fulfillment and started realizing that I am just fond of daydreaming; I try to refrain myself to reveal my true ego.

Painting allows me to build a little castle as a haven to escape from the reality. Each painting symbolizes a tiny drop of hope sealing certain sentiments. The fading glittering glow bursting behind the blooming flowers signifies the last expectation in my life. Indeed, creating art also helps me transcending the limitations in reality and transforming all my romantic reverie into silent power to guard my insistence on sweet innocence.