The New RAC Board – from the 2018 AGM

RAC's new 2018 Board of Directors.

On April 26th we at RAC held our annual board meeting. At the AGM, we were delighted to officially confirm the appointment of our new board members Teresa Chow, Paul Dufour, Keith Kidwell, Robert Scott, and Susan Skemp, who were elected unanimously to two-year terms. We are delighted to have a reinvigorated board as we move forward as a voice for the arts in Richmond.

For a closer look at our accomplishments over the past year,
see our Executive Director’s report here: 

At the AGM, we also said a fond goodbye to Jean Garnett, who steps down from the board after serving the eight year maximum term allowed for in our bylaws. That limit was put in place to ensure the vitality of our organization, and no one is more of a proponent for it than Jean. Over her eight years as a board member of RAC, Jean has been indispensible, acting as record-keeper, grant-writer, secretary, financial signer, public face, chief communicator, happy host, and so, so much more. We look forward to seeing what she gets up to in her new-found free time!