Happy Holidays from RAC!

Happy Holidays from RAC!

Happy Holidays from the Richmond Arts Coalition!

On behalf of the Richmond Arts Coalition board we want to thank our Artists, members, supporters and sponsors for making 2020 a memorable and successful year.

In 2020, we announced winning artists last year’s ArtRich, co-produced the 2020 Arts Awards, shared artist-pertinent information throughout the pandemic, saved the Richmond Maritime Festival from complete cancellation by switching it to a digital event (involving 99 local artists, artisans, and heritage performers over 11 days of events!), showcased local arts groups during Culture Days, found and funded performers for Songs in the Snow 2020, continued our regular newsletters, and much more!

As the daylight each day grows longer, we are looking forward to continuing to serve and support our arts community in 2021.

Great things are coming in 2021!
Get Involved. Our VOICE is yours.

From the RAC board we wish you all the Happiest of the Holidays and Happy New Year!

December 21, 2020