Cindy Chiang

Emerging Abstract Artist
Emerging Abstract Artist

Cindy Chiang is an emerging abstract artist based in the quaint, but vibrant town of Fort Langley, BC Canada.

The great outdoors has been a place of escape and inspiration for Cindy’s artwork. With life often being deeply burrowed in the busyness, the value of slowing down and being present in nature to soak in the serenity and be in awe of creation are often neglected. Cindy attempts to display the feelings of those moments when she is able to pause and appreciate the beauty of creation. Cindy’s love for nature is often reflected in her artwork, with the integration of the water’s flowing movements and the gentle texture of clouds.

The state of feeling(s) in general is also something Cindy tries to represent through her choice of colours and designs. While Cindy’s collection features a raw take of her many feelings and moods, she does not miss opportunities to leave room for the imagination. Just as feelings are perplex, Cindy conceal details in a creative manner that when observed up close displays an image within an image. Often with no plan in mind, Cindy’s artwork take on a life of its own. The colour palettes and style evolves constantly, dependent on her mood and feeling she wishes to express on the canvas.

Being a child at heart, her artwork has a whimsical twist, using more colours and designs to display that sense of wonder and curiosity for the world. Cindy hopes her artwork not only brings a new appreciation to live in the moment, but to visualize a state of one’s own feelings and to allow you to build your own connections to her abstract paintings.