John D. Rosenthal

Skateboards and More
Skateboards and More

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John D Rosenthal was born in Hamilton Ontario – moved to Vancouver at the age of 2 ½. At the age of seven, He wanted two things, to become an artist who draws and paints as well to one day go surfing.

J. D. R decided to spend his fourth year of elementary school drawing – drawing characters every day. As it turned out He did not pass grade four, although He did get a few gold stars for some of the his drawings. After high school he started painting, and is still painting today.

John has a BFA from Emily Carr University, with a Major in Visual Arts.
Painter, independent author who has worked as an artist in residence, art instructor, children’s book author-illustrator, in-home muralist, Painted prints, landscape paintings and hand painted shaped long-long boards in painted jeans.
A surfer of the streets and the ocean.

His greatest desire and primary motivation is to paint, encourage and engage children of all ages, to be a little creative, with discovering how reading, riding a whale of a skateboard and street surfing can be. Continue to be stoked and continuing to paint.

Creating a safe fine balance in life and with the paint. Lives and works in Steveston B.C.


How To Build A Skateboard:
Take advantage of the sunny weather to do some street surfing.
Although when I have time to paint I will be painting and mostly on those sunny days.
The art of art-making, paint to block prints to stencils, collage and then to add some more paint.
The big picture is also too big to fit on these 5’1×12-inch plywood pieces as well you miss all the little interesting things to be found by walking in and around Steveston B.C.
Where I live love laugh and work.
Street surfboards are what I propose to shape, paint, show and ride the streets and pathways on, in Steveston and Richmond.
Painting, block prints, stencils to complete a collage, with heavy black outline borders to balance the light and dark with colour to give the illusion of a silkscreen or stained glass to create a new skateboard design, to ride or an art piece for your walls.
A collection of everyday drawings, in a collage of three to six images of, around and inside Steveston Village. Buildings, structures, flora, fauna and something you might recognize into one large long board painting with a little twist of something unexpected not seen every day.
This work is an investigation of the symbols and objects that affect life’s experiences, Hunting and gathering images with the interaction of the two and three dimensions, painting with the narrative. drawing on my quest to be active in the search for the source of the imagination.
Stoked and charged with the ambition to continue to evolve.
I seek to push the boundaries of the physical as well as the subconscious. To capture a moment in observation and meditation, through object and image, paint and drawings. There are parallels with artistic progression. One must be active in taking risks, ask questions, and learning the materials to visualize ideas with confidence and virtuosity that enters the new ground in landscapes by painting it and riding on it.
The long stable board will give you balance,
push off with your foot and where you look you will go.