Karen Sheehan

Painter and Textile Artist
Painter and Textile Artist

I paint to explore and express the sense of renewal and wonder I feel in the natural places that I go to. Painting harmonizes the dissonance of everyday life for me and creates a calm space for reflection. I work in acrylics, oils watercolor, and have recently been exploring drawing and mixed media. I also paint with wool, using East Coast rug hooking to create large landscapes.

Painting harmonizes the dissonance and confusion of everyday life for me. It creates a calm, contemplative space for reflection. As I paint, I experience the emotions and sensations of being in the places. I try to discover the essence of light and colour in every subject or scene that I create. As a relatively new artist, I am beginning to explore how to incorporate the themes of tensions and discord.

My style is best described as impressionist-influenced realism. I’m drawn to the art of the Group of Seven, although I find inspiration in the art of all periods. I’m an avid art historian, and when I am not painting, I am learning about art over the ages. I continue to learn art techniques and try new styles to express my ideas. I’m currently working on form and line techniques and taking courses toward a Painting Certificate at ECUAD. I am a member of the Richmond Arts Coalition, Langley Arts Council, and the Fort Gallery, and have shown work at several shows over the last two years.

Creating an enduring record and memory of place has become important to me as places change over time. Painting natural places and features records the passage of time and the impact of changes initiated by nature and humans. I hope that you find something in my art that inspires you.

Instagram: @karensheehanarts
Website: https://www.karensheehan.com/
Email: info@karensheehan.com