Margot D’Souza

Oil Paintings

Margot Dsouza is a local artist and has been a resident of Richmond, in particular Steveston, for over 40 years.

As a child and teenager, she was surrounded by music, art and a beautiful nature all of which greatly influenced her life style and passions. Although she has not received any formal art training, she has taken numerous courses and workshops over the years. BK (before kids) Margot attended classes in Chinese Brush painting and oil painting. The art was put on a shelf while raising her two children and working full time. The passion for drawing, painting and photography came into full force upon retirement.

She credits the various instructors at Emily Carr and Phoenix Art Workshop for providing instruction, inspiration, guidance and the all-important constructive feedback!

An avid photographer she mostly gets her inspirations from pictures taken or sketches made on her many travels around the world, as well as from walks in local surroundings. Nature provides limitless inspiration for painting both on location and in the studio. In the last few years, her main interest has centered on a bird photography and capturing that onto canvas is a wonderful experience.

Her main medium is oil.

She is a Member of Richmond Artists Guild, Richmond Arts Coalition, and Men in Hats.