MK Wong


Artist Statement:

One of my childhood dreams, growing up in China, was to pursue the arts. As an adult living in Canada, painting is a way to express my appreciation for living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Although I haven’t received formal instruction in painting, I like to learn from videos and books, by attending community demonstrations, and by experimenting with new techniques and styles. I try to practice as often as possible at home and when I travel in Europe and Asia. I often find inspiration from the scenery I encounter on my hiking trips in and around Vancouver. I recently enjoyed observing how diverse artists work together when I volunteered at Adad Hannah’s project The Decameron Retold at Richmond Art Gallery, and I intend to seek other opportunities to contribute to the community.

Creating art and discovering new skills give me great pleasure. If you also like my artwork and wish to purchase it, I will continue to donate all proceeds to charity.