Pierre Vassura

Creating as a Purpose
Creating as a Purpose

Pierre L. Vassura is a self-made and accomplished visual artist and has been active in the ceramic field and visual arts for as long as he can remember.

Pierre was born in Europe just before World War II and has travelled throughout Italy, France, Switzerland, Israel and North America.  He has worked at various creative posts in different fields before devoting himself full time to his own mode of expression.  In 1981 he settled in beautiful Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and has been residing there ever since.

Pierre is a member of the Richmond Art Coalition, Richmond Art Council and an Associate Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.  He has displayed his works in various international and local exhibitions and has been the recipient of several awards.

Analogical Formalism

His work follow his imagination and vibration coming from his thoughts and putting together shapes and forms in new combinations, building new space following the laws of visibility and creating visual art in his own style Analogical Formalism.

Pierre fills up the void with the imaginary; he uses the experience which is the foundation of knowledge.  He tries to pass on ideas received through sensibilities and reflections creating art work following the imagination and the vibration coming from his thought process.  He puts together shapes created by the analogy, obtains new combinations, new forms and builds new spaces following the laws of visibility.  He gives new life to the already existing structure.

For Pierre art is construction, he builds with already used means, develops analogies, creating combinations without limits.  Forms and colours are the essence of his artistic expression.  Pierre’s works have an imaginary point, analogically centered where lines, surfaces and masses are perfectly arranged.  The essence is not only in the artistic value but in the organization of the forms that are in existence before, during and after the artistic event.

To understand the unfolding of his work it is necessary to have knowledge of his journey, his search of the original freedom, in a magical and unreal space as a result of an interior quest through memory and meditation.

Free, finally free, he shows himself in his works of art and through analogy becomes creative.  Binding himself to the past and to the present, releasing a proper form of expression, living actual life, offering near and far memories, giving breath to his own cultural life he recreates works analogically bound to the infinite cycle of the artistic pursuit.

Pierre’s work is his life.  He has no purpose without creating. Once the work is finished and the goal is reached he gets ready for a new departure…………………. and the cycle of creation repeats itself with a new piece.