arghist cartoonist painter collagist
arghist cartoonist painter collagist


I am ARGH!! An arghist cartoonist painter collagist found object readymade diorama maker and toy collector.
Sometimes I am Nick Mitchum. Social media critic commentator curator and sit down comic.
Sometimes I am the drunk mailman. Internet poet and reporter.
Sometimes I am Ken Forster. All of the above.
Born in 1954. I started doodling at a very early age. Inspired and influenced by television in the 1950s and 60s …cartoons…old movies…the news…underground comic books…The Realist…Ernie Bushmiller and the atomic bomb. My argh is a tribute to the art and artists that made the strongest impressions on me in my life.
I show and sell my argh at various comic book and toy and pop memorabilia collectable shows.
I created the D.O.A. Punk Rock Coloring Fun Book in 1985. That earned me my 15 seconds of fame. Mentions in some local newspapers and on television.
My first published comic strip was in the first issue of the Richmond underground newspaper The Daily Daily Day After Day Daily in 1971. The name and headline was inspired by my comic strip.
My latest creations are 3D dioramas based on my Joe Mason comic strips.