Ralph Heading

Recycled Sculptures
Recycled Sculptures

Ralph Heading – Biography:

I have always made things and have been able to sell enough of what I make to support my family. I never broke away from my original pursuit of only using materials found at hand so that the cost of creation would only be labour. That led me directly into recycling. Scrap, if diverted from the prime user, is free.

Now I work in my studio, and, where my kids once stood, my grandchildren now keep me company as I work. I trust this happiness and contentment shows in the pieces I create.

The Sculptor’s Society of BC: 

The Sculptors’ Society of BC is a non profit/charity arts organization serving its’ sculptor members around the province of BC. We advance the development of the art of sculpture in general, and the BC artists who create sculpture. Our members work in all 3D genre and media types. Our membership includes both professional and emerging artists. We also have extensive experience in the creation and presentation of exhibitions and related sculptural events at the community and regional level. We are very interested to find new audiences, promotional opportunities and commissions for our members, in order to support them in the development of their individual professional futures.