Vincent Chorabik

Poet and Artist

Vincent Chorabik is a published poet and artist. They explore the gap between poverty and wealth, innocence and experience, and other binaries we use to segregate people. They hope to bridge those binaries and develop a deeper understanding of the human condition. As a conceptual artist, they use a variety of mediums, such as painting, sculpture, text, and performance in communicating ideas.

They seek source material outside themself as a means of connecting to other humans through objects. Dada Art, Conceptualism, social media, and various reading materials found in thrift stores inspire them.

Many of their pieces speak against oppressive forces in society and work towards building a more positive future for each individual. Their primary focus is on identity and growth. They believe that through individual growth, the collective will strengthen, in a sort of controlled evolution.

Vincent’s work can be viewed online at: